She swallowed an entire bottle of
Tylenol. I’m told she does that often.
After I pumped her stomach, she sent me a friend request
on Facebook.

Look closely: see
the coffee-ring around your pupil? Watch it
slowly bloom or wither
depending on the amount of light
your body wants in that exact millisecond.

This ring does not symbolize a closeness
or longevity
or anything of great importance to others.
It is merely a discoloration
change in pigment.

Wear tights when you decide to wear a skirt
for a show; I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea
about us.

You are a beautiful person,
now. I dated your father. You were nine.

How long could I last
before my lungs fill with water, when
attempting suicide in the bathtub
or a swimming pool
or any body of water, really?

Some drug-induced deaths take days or weeks
involve significant organ failure,
consumed Clorox and
industrial cleaners and such.
We looked it up once and printed it off,
the guide to suicides.

You must truly hate yourself before
making yourself un-alive in such ways.

He impaled himself, accidentally, in
the eye with a bracket.

it isn’t lost, only

Note: CLIPPING is published in the 2011 edition of RiverCraft.

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