we kindred spirits

With splintered hearts, we kindred spirits,
traveling the same direction on parallel pretend pathways
and tip-toeing through sorrow-filled tide pools on the broken shore
around horseshoe crabs, glass and shades of blue.

Though we navigate our own tideways,
the warmth of your hand,
the sound of your laugh,
the sight of your smile,
tether me to the barren shore
that I no longer speculate the depths beyond the sandbar.

Keep me enclosed tightly in your hands as sand,
that I don’t get swept away by high winds, or high tide.
Please keep me, pressed tightly against your chest
as you would to carry a treasure, as best as you can.
For I’ll be keeping you as best I can,
between streams of saline, memory and lines of poetry.

Feature Image by Trevor of Trevor’s Travail, where you can find 4k wallpapers!

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