Let happiness fill your lungs
and love flow under your skin.

You see your soul?
It’s endless.

Know the difference between someone that wants you
and someone that deserves you.

Just because someone loves you
doesn’t mean you will feel loved by them.

Conversations about the things drifting inside your heart,
the things spinning in your brain,
the things burning a hole in your soul
shouldn’t turn into an argument.

One night I stumbled into a village
and, instead of chasing me away into the night,
they taught me how to find the light in darkness.
They taught me how to light a candle,
whisper my heartaches into the flames.
They taught me how to turn the things I fear into smoke,
sweet on the winter air.

Dislike small talk.
Don’t talk about the stock market
or what’s up
or the weather.

Talk about the moon and the stars
and far away places
and dreams and wants
and moments and experiences
and memories
and the scents that make you feel things
and the obstacles you feel you can’t face alone
and what you think about your mattress
and the things you love about yourself.

Cultivate complexity.
Cultivate emotion.
Cultivate depth.

Water them,
help them grow.

Time won’t heal the things that you don’t take the time to face.

you only belong to you
no one else

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